Monday, October 26, 2009


Riding in the back of a taxi as it speeds across the rutted Moroccan landscape, one thought crosses the mind, ‘Rocks!?’ Really, it is the most notable thing, there are just bezzaf rocks. The soil here looks to be 50% rocks. How can there be an agricultural boom when the only thing growing in the fields is rocks? There they are, all perfectly and evenly distributed, billions upon billions of fist sized rocks. What geological forces could even make so many rocks and blanket everywhere with them? It truly is like they grow on the spot, like crunchy little squashes, or maybe once there was a giant sprinkler that sprayed rocks instead of water and it worked its way across the land with its methodical ‘tisht, tisht, thish.’ Was New England once like this and they all became rock walls? I doubt it. There are just too many rocks. It can not be believed.

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