Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ON What PCVs Do

What Do We Do?
by Chris W. –ENV 09-11

It can be difficult trying to explain to family and friends in America about Peace Corps and our roles as volunteers. With the help of some useful Peace Corps acronyms, the explanation is clear:

During PST, PCTs live in HS with HFs in CBT sites. We study the TL (which may be Tash, Tam or Darija, but not MSA) with the help of LCFs to prepare for our work in either the YD, SBD, ENV or HE program. Throughout PST, we meet with the CD, our APCD/PM and APM, the PCMOs, the PTM, the SSC and SSA, the PTO (who is the PCPP coordinator), and learn about the IRC. We also learn about things such as ET, IOS, Med Evac, Med Sep, Ad Sep, and to report to the DO when we are OOC. When PST is done, we SI and become PCVs and leave for our sites, but meet again at PPST, IST and MSM. During service we work closely with HCNs and NGOs on projects such as SIDA, WID, which is a GAD activity, EE with the WFD, or get involved in WWS. We can even write a SPA! At COS, they give us an R and we become RPCVs. 

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