Saturday, January 15, 2011

On Bulgaria

I spent Christmas in Bulgaria and I would just like to say… IT WAS GREAT! It was my first time there and I LOVED IT. What a great country! It was cozy and accessible, unique but not too different, refreshing and inexpensive. I was able to see old classmates and friends and make new friends through my Peace Corps and Couchsurfing networks.
In Sofia I was amazed to find a city and church founded almost two thousand years ago by Emperor Constantine. Lets keep in mind, this guy was the Emperor of Rome, was first crowned in England and still found time to visit Bulgaria, all 1500 years before the steam engine. I think that is pretty cool.
I had a brief moment of panic when I got on the wrong train. I swear the sign said Софиа - Пазарджик but since it was Cyrillic, well you can see, it isn’t easy to read for someone on their first day alone in Bulgaria.
When that was sorted I ended up in Varna for four wonderful days by the Black Sea. I had an even better time here then in Sofia. Christmas Eve was magical and Christmas day had even better things in store.
When I got back to Sofia it had snowed and the capitol’s parks were picturesk.

Blago Daria, Bulgaria!

Ruins of the Roman city with St. George’s church in the middle of the offices of the president.

The train station where I went awry.

A snowy park with frozen fountain. 

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