Saturday, March 19, 2011

On Bagfields

Morocco has a trash problem. It is one of the first things a visiting foreigner notices. While in recent years efforts have been made to create a waste disposal system, apart from in the major tourist centers, the appropriate place to throw trash, still remains, wherever you feel like.

Of course after living in Morocco for a while it is no longer a problem. In fact it is rather convenient to throw your trash wherever you like. If you find yourself with a wrapper in your hand that you don’t want, all you have to do is open up your hand and let it fall where it may.

This of course means that there is the unsightly problem of trash lying around. However, it is impressive how quickly you acclimate to this. When you first arrive, you notice the bagfields, where old plastic bags blowing in the wind have gotten caught on the weeds and thorns of fallow fields. It looks like there are actually ratty old plastic bags being grown, an ugly crop to be sure. But, after a few months, a person simply stops noticing. The trash fades to become part of the normal background image. It is no longer an unsightly problem, in fact, it isn’t even unsightly anymore.

That is what comes with time.

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