Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On The Coming of Summer Part 2

There are many significant moments on the journey from winter to summer. After the blossoms of wild flowers have faded and the wheat harvest is taken in a brown dusty landscape settles in for the foreseeable future. The temperature rises and a couple changes take place around the house.

1)    The water that comes out of your kitchen tap during the day is so hot that you can do dishes without having to use heated water from your shower.
2)    You sleep with the fan on at night.
3)    You turn the water heater from winter mode to summer mode.
4)    You pour water on your bed before going to sleep
5)    You wake up in the middle of the night to pour more water on your bed

This summer I experienced all of these moments. Living here I have learned to tolerate summer’s wrath without modern convinces like Air Conditioning. I even sold my small inflatable pool because I didn’t need it to get through. As the days grow shorter and the earth’s axis pulls away from the sun, I recognize that I’ve adapted. Still, I hope there aren’t any more 40˚C weeks coming my way, they’re lame.

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