Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On Communication Technologies

Morocco is famous for its use of the word ‘Inshallah’. This translates to god willing. It is generally used to start or end a sentence that talks about the future. For example “I’ll go shopping this afternoon inshallah.” Basically the word is a caveat, a way of recognizing that while we can make plans, the future is not in our hands and we should except that some things are not meant to happen.

That brings us up to today, the day of my mother’s birthday. For the last week or so the weather has been over 110˚F and all manner of things, specifically water faucets, people’s brains and computers don’t work the way they normally do when they are only 100˚F. So for the last week or so I have had on and off problems with my internet which is normally how I call and talk to my parents. So that is a problem since I would hate my mom to think that I forgot her birthday all because of a faulty internet connection.

However I do have other ways of communicating with people outside my valley. I have both a hard-line phone and a cell phone.  The problem with the hard-line is that it is tied in to the internet, so when there is a problem with the internet, there is a problem with the phone. Not to worry though, there might be problems with two out of three ways of communicating but I can always rely on my trusty Motorola Razor and it’s Maroc Telecom sim chip. Actually, maybe I can’t. Yesterday it got wet. Who knew you could sweat enough that you could actually short circuit your phone as it sat in your pocket. One brand new battery later and it… still isn’t working.

This is when you say to yourself ‘well I guess god did not will this to happen. Time to watch a movie… Inshallah.’

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