Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On The Film Industry

I just finished watching the movie Prince of Persia. It wasn’t easy. In my humble opinion the movie was bad. Regardless, you will not find a more textbook Moroccan film. From the mountain wide frames to the Kasbah chase shots every frame screamed “I was filmed in Morocco”.

The fact of the matter is that, as you become conscious of it you realize more and more that a large number of movies are filmed in Morocco. From Kingdom of Heaven to Gladiator, from the Bourne Ultimatum to Green Zone, Morocco is becoming the place to film. The reason for this is two fold.

The first reason is that Morocco is becoming more a part of the American film industry. If you are going to shoot a film you want to shoot it in Morocco because it has developed studios, a varied landscape and it is cheep.

The second reason is that the American film industry is becoming more a part of Morocco. Twenty years ago America’s war films were set in the jungles of Vietnam. Today they are set in the deserts of Iraq. What is the Arabic country where you can shoot a desert war film without worrying about getting shot yourself? Morocco.

From Body of Lies to Spy Game any film that is about the West’s interaction with the Arabic world is filmed in Morocco (except The Hurt Locker, that was filmed in Beirut) Morocco is a more common filming location that most people think.

And despite all that it only has two television channels… Go figure. 

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