Monday, November 29, 2010

NewsArticle: On The Break-In

A rough and edited translation of the contents of the webpage

Four hours after the telephone call, the offender has been caught by the Royal Gendarmerie

On the seventh day of the previous month on the third hour, the Royal Gendarmerie Center received a phone call from a U.S. citizen Peace resident stating his house was robbed while traveling. Then moved a unit of the Royal Gendarmerie under the chairmanship of chief the center to the spot. After previewing a minute some moves initiated to investigate some of the suspects from among the audience of the people of the region.

At precisely seven o'clock pm the offender, who admitted his role in deeds attributed to him, where he had entered the home after the break and the theft of some devices that had been working with the victim, including: a video camera and a computer-type high.

To hide the crime, the offender gave every piece to one of his friends in the region and the other to sell the computer to the Internet club owners in the city. The camera by fate reached the city of Casablanca. In order to continue the search, the Gendarmerie went to both cities and despite challenges and difficulties, were able to retrive these stolen items and the arrest of all who participated in this crime, which has raised great disgust in the soul.

All this happened in a short time and speed the morning the next day, the thing that impressed raised widespread in the mystery of the success of this process.

I have free minutes at the center of the gendarmerie in the right of the offender and his accomplices were brought to the Court of Appeal, Beni Mellal her justice to say in the matter.

This is sure to succeed in such cases significantly reduce the recurrence of crime and to deter all of Salt has the same embarking on such inhuman crimes.



[Jealous] [22/11/2010 5:29 pm]

If the victim is a Moroccan will be things such speed????

[For transient] [22/11/2010 10:08 pm]

Hahahahahaha reason for the success of the process is that the victim was an American national Hahahahahahahahahah

[Fadel] [22/11/2010 at 12:02 pm]

This succeeded the gendarmes with respect to an American citizen question is whether the intervention band of the Royal Gendarmerie in favor of Moroccan citizens with the same speed and the same packages I do not think so, but I want him to become our country in the desired level because we Anck in the efficiency of our security forces sufficient will to achieve anything in Morocco

[Fadel] [22/11/2010 at 12:25 pm]

Wash with Moroccan Tikhaddmo Khaddmo so with a U.S. citizen Tantmnaw Aikhaddmo brighter so Khaddmo with foreigners

[Abdo] [22/11/2010 13:55 pm]

The fact that Morocco was stolen because the rest of the restricted case against the unknown God that this evil will be when all are equal. When the value will be given to the son of the country as is given to foreign ?????

[Monitor] [22/11/2010 7:00 pm]

Title is not suitable with the article

And thanks to those who do not deserve?

[Tracker] [23/11/2010 5:27 pm]

I say to these heroes of religion have completed the work eased Bravo. But I swear to God if you are an agent of the King of the Court of Beni Mellal to followed them prosecuted and ordered them to come to the cause Vyjraim Avorar, Azilal, Dmanat which recorded against the unknown and the same speed and not deposited Awlaik gendarmes in prison on charges of covering up the criminals. I will not be Dhalma them. They know who the killers were. But they are protected politically and even through the judicial immunity enjoyed by some of them .... and immunize the Aadab God. Estasdon and the ordinary people and Imounam Amoaalhm unlawfully. For this race see the youth of today to relate everything that is foreign. If he found the way to our young people abroad Thvd my father asked for the dignity of different nationalities, including Israeli ....

[Super Admin] [23/11/2010 15:01 pm]

In the name of God, the Merciful

... Greeting full of the highest expressions of the High Commissioner to the security of the region.

It is a passion for us that the interests of the Royal Gendarmerie mechanism of the security and integrity of the region in this process Bosrap speed, even if not the victim du Moroccan nationality, the efforts made to overthrow the defendant actually deserves thanks, although after the case me) stealing U.S. person (whether a defect that is the right for his family?

And ashamed of myself if I mispronounce the right of those who sacrifice most of their time for the safety and comfort of the region's population ....

The secret to success is the speed of the Federation and the exchange of experiences between the men of the Royal Gendarmerie, because the process with more than one deserves this ... U.S., Morocco, security and integrity call for great care given to the ambitions of Mahdeghin around him, as happened in the theft ... Morocco United States of America. American man who will not reach the audacity to steal the Moroccan. Here it is evident that local authorities have national duty after the attack on the U.S. and the looting of its organs and the law does not protect fools.

In the end, to pay tribute to the concerted efforts of the gendarmes and the development of an accused in the hands of the judiciary law to take its course, with more than one deserves thanks.

What I want is to be aware of what we say enough of the nonsense empty:

* Croaking us time, and defect / defect and of time other than us

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