Sunday, November 21, 2010

On Forgiveness

Since the break-in my understanding of Moroccan Legal systems, which was nonexistent to begin with, has increased.  I get a say in what happens to the burglars who broke into my house. Thus I found myself petitioned to forgive them their trespasses and write a letter to that effect. Forgiveness is an tricky topic, but with five years worth of college ethics classes, it was a topic I was up to. Drawing on the teachings of Dr. Tony Clark of the University of St. Andrews I composed this letter:

To Whom It May Concern:
·      Whereas I recognize the youth and foolishness of the perpetrators,
·      Whereas I understand the agony that their mothers are experiencing as the result of their crime,
·      Whereas most of the property stolen was promptly returned through the valiant efforts of the Gendarmes,
·      Whereas the physical damage caused has been repaired,
·      And in full awareness of the teachings of forgiveness that God and his Prophets have endeavored to give,
By the powers vested in me by his Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco and by the laws of his subjects, I do hereby forgive:

Rajil Wahida and Rajil Tani [obviously not real names]
 of the wrongs that they have done me.
May god make them penitent and give them the wherewithal to live justly and not commit further crimes.

It is an interesting method of doing things, asking the victim to forgive the perpetrators that their sentence might be reduced, but it has merit.

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