Friday, December 24, 2010

On Cool Commercials

The screen opens on a young man in a room in front of a computer. He is watching a video of an execution on a Radical Islamic website. He scrolls onward, becoming indoctrinated.

Fade from black. The same room, now a heartbroken mother looking at the same computer. And there is the same website, but now it is her son holding the gun, executing someone, becoming a killer.

And then thirty seconds after it started, the ad ends with white script on a black screen urging: “Don’t become a Terrorist”

It is quite an ad.

Similar ads include a man driving a car recklessly and running over school children. The message: “Don’t commit vehicular manslaughter.”

Not all these types of ads are negatives. One of the coolest ends with five friends from all over the world driving away in a silver convertible. The message: “Learn a Foreign Language.” 

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