Sunday, December 26, 2010

On Vacation

I am on vacation for the holidays, so here is a never published post from another holiday:

Thursday August 12th, 12:51 PM – Time til Break Fast 6 hours

The heat is intensely soporific. I find myself awaking in a haze without being aware I went to sleep.  It has taken my ability to remain conscious and with it, my sense of reality. 

The worst part about Ramadan seems to be the inability to do ANYTHING. When you wake you can’t eat breakfast, you can’t drink water. So you can’t go outside because you can’t be in the sun because you can’t risk sweating away all your fluids. So when iftur finally comes around you can’t stop drinking and eating which means shortly thereafter you can’t move because you’re so full. 

Htshe li kayne

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