Saturday, February 5, 2011

On Family Sleeping Arrangements

Not many Americans are 16 years old and still sleep in their parents’ bedroom. The same cannot be said for Moroccans. This is not for lack of space or any reason like that. It is simply the way it is done, a tradition. Just like the family that prays together stays together, the family that all sleeps in the same room, no matter how old or grown up, is a family indeed. Perhaps America is unique. The result of taming the Wild West, is a threat-wary mentality that says “don’t sit with you back to the door, don’t sleep with someone else in the room. If you keep your guard up, no one will kill you in Reno just to watch you die and then claim-jumper you.” It could be that there is a tear soaked loneliness that comes from moving out of your parent’s bedroom as a child that, while seen as a necessary evil in some cultures, is just plain unnecessary in others. Either way, it is an interesting difference worth noting.

The question is what happens to people who snore? 

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