Saturday, May 7, 2011

On Prostitution

In all likelihood prostitution exists in every country in the world, with the possible exception of the Holy See.

Prostitutes in Morocco can be found both high and low. They range in price from hundreds of dollars to only two or three dollars. Some travel around, working at different souks, while others stay in one place, earning their town a reputation.

Most westerners will come into contact with prostitution at the country’s nightclubs. Across the country, nightclubs are just as much a sex market as a place to dance.

The industry works like this. Working girls gain entrance to nightclubs for free. In exchange the club gets a cut of their earnings. Also, most nightclubs are in hotels, for everyone’s convenience.

Sex is not always what is on sale however. Similar to the geisha system, Moroccan men also will pay for the pleasure of having a woman to spend the evening with, with no intention of actually having sex.

The end result of this is that many tourists can spend their evenings surrounded by commercial sex workers without realizing it. For those who are slightly more informed however, it is a depressing sight to see, especially if you just came to dance.

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