Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Diet

My Diet
In case you are interested today I ate the following:
  1. For Breakfast:
    1. A pot of Lipton’s Tea, with sugar and milk
    2. A bowl of cornflakes and milk
    3. A banana and an orange

  1. For Lunch
    1. An egg, meat and olive sandwich and coffee from the café (Dh10).

  1. For Dinner
    1. A tomato and olive oil salad
    2. Couscous, seasoned with salt, olive oil and tomato paste
    3. A banana
    4. A tropical yogurt smoothie (6Dh)
    5. Two Ghirardelli chocolate squares (which came today in a package along with the most exquisite assortment of teas)
    6. Another pot of tea (this time ginger)

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