Monday, January 18, 2010

On Poop

Some things about the Peace Corps experience induce volunteers to mature. Some things cause them to revert to being 10-year-old boys. Poop belongs solidly in the latter category. For instance a sentence like, “Poop, pooper, poop. How’s your poop? Still peeing out your ass?” is not particularly rare amongst volunteers. Perhaps it is because the first lecture volunteers’ get when they arrive in country is on diarrhea. Or perhaps it is because the use of toilet paper is not widespread, so volunteers spend a lot more time squishing poop between their fingers as they clean their posteriors then they did back home. Or maybe it is because volunteers, as a reward for making it a full year, get to poop in a cup for a lab to examine. Whatever the reason, the Peace Corps is a poop conscious society. In poop we trust.

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