Saturday, February 27, 2010

On Greetings

“Salam walkeum. Labas. Bexir. Labas. Hennia? Kulshi myzen? Lahemdullah. Labas? Kif Dihr? Lahemdullah."

The above, in English, roughly translates to “Hello.”

It is usually accompanied by shaking hands and then placing your hand over your heart, though sometimes, with those who are not one’s social equals, kissing your hand after shaking is the required etiquette. Also kissing each other’s cheeks is normal. The number of kisses on each cheek relates to the local norms and the level of intimacy. Then the following is usually said:

“Labas? Labas? Bexir? Hennia? Kulshi myzen? Li bark fik. Labas. Myzen? Lahemdullah.”

This, in English, roughly translates to “How are you?”

In some cases it is then followed by the following:

“Labas? Kulshi myzen? Ash Katgul? Ash xbark? Lifti Shwia?”

This, in English, roughly translates to, “Ok, I have just stood here kissing your cheeks, shaking your hand, and talking incessantly for the last minuet, but now I actually want to know, how is everything?”

This is then generally followed by a comment about the weather.


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  2. Nooo, I TRIED to say that sounds like a normal shopping day, in Girl World! But then it posted it somewhere else, only now it says I deleted it... whatever! The point is: next time you go shopping with a girl, you shall have experience w/ which to sympathize, and, most importantly: THANK GOODNESS CHOCOLATE!