Saturday, February 27, 2010

On Shopping for Jeans

I am a skinny person. Though I say it about myself, I think it’s an objective comment nonetheless. Not only am I naturally skinny, but I have lost weight over the last couple of months. I am down a belt size from my normal, slender self.

But I went jean shopping today…

Of the five different pairs of jeans I tried on, I could not get one of them to button. The numbers on the tags didn’t matter (not that I thought that they would) 34 to 44, nothing could make it around my apparently gigantic waist. Of course, one of those numbers is probably in centimeters. The point is, it seemed every pair of jeans I saw had fallen off the back of a truck on its way to the house of someone who is about two inches skinnier then I.

I went home defeated and drown my sorrows in a bar of chocolate.

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