Sunday, February 14, 2010

On Musical Themes

The American traveler in Morocco will notice some significant differences in the themes that make up the majority Morocco’s musical traditions respective to those that comprise America’s.
For an example, if one listens closely, it is impressive how many references to cars and driving are to be found in the music coming from America’s mixing studios. It seems almost every song in the rap genre has a line about a Chevy impala or shiny cars or something along those lines. And it is not just limited to that genre. What would country music be if one were to remove all the vehicular references, particularly those about a man’s truck being destroyed as part of a lover’s tiff?
Morocco enjoys no such automobile related lyrics. Instead it has its own, often-referenced themes, namely those of tea and bread. All the most ingrained and popular songs coming out of Morocco tend to have a line about baking bread early in the morning or having a wife whose duty it is to make the tea.
Different strokes…

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