Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On Werewolves

A while back I mentioned that werewolf references were a routine part of my experience here.  That bears explaining. The PCVs in the province I work in have chosen as their anthem the song ‘Shewolf’ by Shakira. Through her awkward dance moves and in front of a San Francisco skyline, she sings about how she suffers through her lycanthropic life. Secondly, there is a town in our province whose name is archaic French for werewolf, a name, no doubt given when Morocco was a French protectorate, used to warn away French visitors from its untended mud streets and crumbling mud houses. I routinely go to ‘werewolf’ to visit the PCVs there or see the Gendarmes. Lastly, there was recently a wolf moon, a full moon that occurs in January, named for the hungry wolves who howl to it in the bitter cold of night. Having noticed all these werewolf references, it has become a routine joke to mention the werewolf threat in our province. We joined Peace Corps to help humanity, but there is always the danger that we might, while in Peace Corps, join werewolfkind.  

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