Monday, March 15, 2010

On Losing Something

Today, I lost something in my house…

You have no idea how happy this made me!

I finally have a house with enough furnishings that things can get lost in it. In the two pervious months that I have been living in my house it has been hard indeed to lose anything. The total number of possessions that I’ve had has been comparable to the total number of rooms. Towel – Bathroom. Bed –Bedroom. Pretzels – Kitchen.
The item in question was, as manly as this sounds, a box of ten tea lights. There is a storm coming in off the Atlantic this weekend. I filled my 25 Liter emergency water jug last night. Today the sky was dark and ominous with large clouds to the southwest. And then I realized there was no candle in the holder. I went in search.
Now the first place I thought I would find them was in the kitchen in the bottom basket of the food tower. But a search turned up only a water bottle, glasses and my extra sponges. The next obvious place would be the ‘miscellaneous’ bag in my bedroom. But that turned up only writing appurtenances like paper, envelopes and all the old letters I’ve received. So my last thought was the other bag in my room. Not there. And that is when I got excited because I realized that this was the first time that I lost something!

Endnote: They were in the bottom basket of the food tower. They were under the water bottle.

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