Sunday, March 21, 2010

On My Shoes

I was sitting on the beach with a PCV from a town downstream from myself. It was just a little after dark and as we sat their talking, in English, two people, a male and female a little older then ourselves, and who probably assumed we were tourists, emerged out of the dusk. Now, not being tourists, we didn’t really have anything of value with us. However, our shoes were off to the side where they had been removed in favor of walking barefoot. Before we knew it, these two shadowy figures descended upon us and were gone, running away up the dunes. We looked at each other, as if to say ‘That was weird’ before we realized, bizarrely, they had stolen our shoes. I instantly was on my feet and tore off after them, yelling as I went.

“Wait, I’m a Peace Corps Volunteer… Those shoes are really dirty!”

And then my dream ended.

1 comment:

  1. That sucks. I went with my daughter with a group of friends one Memorial Day to a scenic part of the state, there was small lake and she took off her sandals and went swimming in the clear crowded lake. When she got out her shoes had been stolen, the road was hot and she hot-footed it to the van and we had to make a trip to the nearest town to buy her new shoes. Double-meanness to take peoples shoes.