Saturday, March 13, 2010

‘What am I doing here?’ Part 5 – Goal 3

Helping promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans

             I am working to promote a better understanding of Moroccans on the part of Americans.
In working toward this, Goal Three, I have written
  1. 80 blog posts,
  2. 6 monthly emails,
  3. 5 letters to one of my high school English Teacher’s classes
  4. 2 newspaper articles for my home town paper
  5. Countless personal emails and phone calls to family and friends
All these works so far total about 25,000 words helping promote a better understanding of Morocco and Moroccans on the part of Americans.
Not only that but I have also established a household in my village and created the opportunity for friends and family to come visit me and actually experience Morocco first hand, something they might never have done otherwise. Moreover I have made my house available to the many Americans traveling in Morocco as a place to visit and stay to learn about the Morocco away from the tourist trails (well most of them anyway.)
And lastly I, an American, have spent exactly six months so far, living in Morocco. Consequently, I now know and understand a lot more about Morocco then I did six months and a day ago.

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