Tuesday, March 9, 2010

‘What am I doing here?’ Part 3 – Goal 1

 Peace Corps Goal 1 - Helping the people of interested countries in meeting their need for trained men and women

I am working to provide technical help to my community, my province and Morocco as a whole. I am working to help Moroccans help themselves. Which is far trickier then it sounds because sustainability considerations severely limit what you can do without creating a cycle of dependence.
In working to accomplish Goal 1, I have a number of projects that I am perusing:
  1. English language – I am in my community to help train the youths in the English language. I hold English language and cultural sessions every Wednesday and Friday. I have also volunteered my services at the community high school.
  2. Beekeeping - I am organizing a session on beekeeping. At the behest of the community I have invited an experienced Environmental Development volunteer to come help by giving his knowledge on the subject of beekeeping and explain the projects that he has going in his own site.
  3. Tourism – I am trying to create a larger tourism profile for my community by writing to the makers of Morocco tour guides as well as creating a Wikipedia webpage for my community.
  4. General Development – There are several development associations in my community, one newly created by my host father, which are seeking to a build a new road, buy a tractor, create an Artisana and sell our community’s olive oil in America. I meet regularly with them to provide support, motivation and an ability to facilitate communication between them and the outside world.
  5. Regional collaboration – I have also partnered with a fellow PCV from a town downstream to get involved in starting an American –Moroccan Cultural Exchange club at the high school of the town in the next valley over. Their city has no Volunteer but eagerly wants the help of one to share American sports, movies and pen pals with them.
  6. Morocco wide projects – I will also be working at a spring and a summer English emersion camp.

Part 4 to follow…

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